Jungle Boys

6 Apr

Jungle Boys is a growers collective in the USA. surrounded by great respect in the cannabis world. Their crops are admired for their professionalism, for their research and for the enormous quality of their crops.

The Jungle Boys are specialized in the cultivation with rock wool cubes and Floraflex irrigation system.

Another characteristic of its magnificent crops is the luminaire that is always entrusted to Luxx Lighting 1000 W DE equipment or the use of innovative techniques such as Slurry Tech with Elite 91 Nutrients products.

The Jungle Boys crops are present in the best dispensaries in the United States as TLC Collective and begin to arrive in Spain where in some association we can already find some of their jewels.

Who is the Jungle Boys founder?

The Jungle Boys founder is Iván, who began cultivating to smoke quality marijuana while starting his career in construction or distribution companies such as FedEx.

At that time Ivan’s father was diagnosed with stage IV cancer, where chemotherapy and radiotherapy did not achieve any improvement in his health.

On a routine visit to the doctor it was where they recommended that the family look for an alternative in cannabis to improve the patient’s quality of life and that was when he went to one of the few clinics opened at that time, the Toluc Lake Collective (TLC) in the city of Los Angeles.

Cannabis helped Ivan’s father improve his quality of life but failed to stop a cancer so advanced that he finally ended his life. It was at that time, at the end of the year 2000, the trigger for Ivan to rekindle his enthusiasm for cannabis and its cultivation.

And so it began, and like every story that begins in the United States, in a garage.

He switched on a couple of lighting equipment and began to work what in the future would become one of the most respected cultivation groups on the global cannabis landscape.

His product was very good and he sold it easily.

Those first two lights became 4, then 8 and their production was increasing both in quantity and quality but always managed to sell it without problems.

The more he grew, the more he sold.

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