The best marijuana seeds for cannabis cultivation

20 Oct

If you want to know which are the best marijuana seeds for growing cannabis, we recommend that you Keep reading because, from our seed bank, we are going to present you your best options, among which you can choose to optimize your marijuana cultivation.

But first, you should know the different seed options you have, depending on the type of crop and needs you have. To do this, we are going to tell you about the different types of marijuana seeds and what their differences are.

First of all, it should be said that for a marijuana plant to offer optimal results for its consumption, it must to be female. Male plants will not be able to serve us for this and, therefore, it is interesting that you know your options to optimize your consumption.

  1. Natural cannabis seeds
  2. Genetic marijuana seeds
    1. Autoflowering feminized seeds
    2. Photodependent feminized marijuana seeds

    Natural cannabis seeds

    You always have the option of acquiring natural marijuana seeds, that is, seeds that are not genetically treated to ensure that they are feminized, in order to ensure that we have the right seeds that produce plants of cannabis suitable for consumption.

    In this way, with natural marijuana seeds, you have the possibility of growing male plants that, after all, are only to decorate the space, since you will not be able to take advantage of them, in the event that, by surprise, you get males. Another option is that you get females, but this does not guarantee that you will acquire optimal and abundant results, since the cultivation and its growth depend on many external factors.

    To ensure that our seeds are going to help us achieve the result we want, without a doubt, genetic marijuana seeds are the best option for our objective. This means that the same seeds are already genetically prepared and favored, to carry out a safe crop and with all the quality guarantees.

    Of course, don’t forget that the result of a cannabis cultivation does not only depend on the quality of the seeds< /strong>, the cultivation and care process, the environment, the fertilizers, the hours of light,… are some of the factors that will determine the results of your cultivation, but, at least, you make sure that the step of Buying marijuana seeds has been a correct step, choosing the safest option for your crop.

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    Genetic marijuana seeds

    In this case, we present two types of feminized marijuana seeds for your marijuana cultivation, among which you can choose to optimize your results.

    Autoflowering feminized seeds

    The autoflowering marijuana seeds offer a great advantage and that is that they do not depend on the cycle of light for their growth, that is, they begin their flowering process, as their name suggests, automatically, without depending on the light photoperiod.

    Photodependent feminized marijuana seeds

    The photodependent marijuana seeds, unlike the autoflowering ones, do depend on the cycle of light to guarantee efficient growth of our marijuana plants.

    Its flowering takes longer to arrive but its harvests are more abundant than autoflowering ones, as long as we carry out a good cultivation process.

    Therefore, it could be said that autoflowering seeds require less skills and knowledge than photoperiod-dependent seeds and that, in the case of the latter, the results can be much more optimal.

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    Need more information? Contact us or enter our online cannabis seedbank! You will find your best options for you to achieve the success of your marijuana cultivation 馃尡

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