Indoor marijuana cultivation. How to optimize the results?

9 Sep

If you are starting out in the world of cannabis and marijuana cultivation, you may have some questions, including, and if this is your case, how to start growing marijuana indoors and what you need to optimize your cultivation.

To begin with, you must prepare the interior space, correctly, so that your marijuana crop grows in the best conditions. To do this, from our online cannabis seed store, we are going to give you the keys, to help you with your new crop.

How to grow marijuana indoors?

Although there is a popular belief that it is necessary to have a large and special space to grow marijuana, in reality, this is not the case. A closet, small room or similar, can help you to develop your crop, the key is how you are going to prepare your space and what things you have to take into account so that everything goes perfectly.

Next, we are going to give you a series of keys, with which we will help you to optimize your marijuana cultivation.


1- First, determine your space. Where are you going to grow your marijuana plants? As we have indicated, it can be any space, as long as it meets the following requirements:

✅ It has to be a space where you can play with light, that is, artificially, you will have to offer them a few hours of adequate light and, at the same time, achieve periods in which no light enters them.

✅ The same goes for humidity and temperature. It is very important that you have absolute control over the humidity and temperature of your space.

✅ Ventilation is very important. Marijuana plants need ventilation, so your new space must meet the optimal conditions for good ventilation, otherwise the plants could develop diseases, mold and other bacteria.

2- Once you are clear about the place to grow, it is time to put up reflective walls. Why? Reflective walls optimize the amount of light that reaches the plants, as well as helping you make efficient use of solar energy, instead of boosting the light from your lamps, which will cost you more. An important fact, to give you an idea, is that reflective walls can increase the light from your lamps by up to 30%.

But how to install reflective walls for your marijuana crop? You can do it in three ways:

🔸 Matte white latex paint.

🔸 Grow cabinets.

🔸 Panda plastic film

3- Cover light leaks, since marijuana plants need periods of absolute darkness and no light can enter.

To detect light leaks, simply turn off the light inside the compartment and detect where the light is coming from. If it is a small room, like a closet, do it the other way around; put the light from the inside and outside you detect the light leaks to cover them.

indoor marijuana grow lighting

3- Now is the time to install a ventilation system. As we have indicated, that the air passes in the interior space where we are going to grow our marijuana plants, therefore, it is highly recommended to optimize this, through a good ventilation system. You will guarantee an exquisite crop. Now yes, you have to be clear about certain basic points:

🔸 Do not put the fans or similar that give direct to the plants. It is best to place it indirectly, so that a contact flow of air is generated in the environment.

🔸 It is important that the air moves throughout the room, check all the points and corners of the space and make sure that it does.

🔸 Controls the amount of air. Excesses do not sit well with plants, always opt for a soft, stable and constant air.

4- The next step is to install the grow lights, with which we are going to offer that much-needed light for our plants and, being a very important factor, it is essential that you pay special attention to your choice and installation.

To install the lights for your marijuana grow you can choose between different options: fluorescent lights (you have several options), LED lights, metal halide lamps and high pressure sodium lamps.

For its placement, you have to take into account that its light must cover as many plants as possible, so you will have to manage and place them carefully so that its light is as efficient as possible for our crop.

5- The next step is to place the accessories for your future marijuana plants. These are the pots, the PH meters, thermometers,… And don’t forget the fertilizers, buckets, sprayers, nutrients,… Everything you need to carry out your marijuana cultivation!

indoor marijuana grow

Buy cannabis seeds for your marijuana crop

Whether it is for growing marijuana indoors or outdoors, buying cannabis seeds is very important. You must choose them of quality and know their different variants, in order to choose the most optimal seeds for the type of crop you want.

In our blog you will find more information about it and, if you have any questions, from our online cannabis seed shop, we will be happy to help you to optimize your purchase, and your cultivation 😉

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