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3 May

If you are looking to buy autoflowering cannabis seeds, at Blackbull Seeds you will find the best marijuana seeds online. Our catalog brings together, exquisitely, the best international cannabis breeders on the market.

In our online cannabis bank you will find different seeds, with different varieties, so you can choose yours, depending on the type of crop you need. And, among your best options, the autoflowering seeds are presented as an easy-to-grow alternative and with very good results.

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What are autoflowering seeds?

The autoflowering cannabis seeds have the peculiarity of flowering automatically, after reaching the appropriate maturity for do it. The great advantage of these seeds is that they do not depend on the hours of light and darkness (photoperiod) to start the flowering of marijuana plants, as is the case with other cannabis seeds that depend on hours of light and darkness, that is, photoperiod.

The autoflowering cannabis seeds, have origin from crossing ruderalis cannabis varieties, which is a type of cannabis that comes from cold regions and short days, as well as sativa and/or indica-type cannabis varieties.

These plants are easier to grow, due to the few demands that these types of seeds require, since they are not subject to a specific light cycle, so they are ideal to be grown in small spaces and with artificial light , so no major preparations are needed.

Another advantage of autoflowering seeds is that they need a shorter life cycle. , so we can obtain faster harvests and with greater rotation.

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Buy autoflowering seeds

When it comes to buying cannabis seeds, it is important that you choose specialized stores, with a guarantee, and a good online catalog of cannabis seeds from the best breeders.

For this, in our online cannabis seed shop, we offer a wide variety of autoflowering cannabis seeds. , feminized and genetically enhanced, in order to find the best varieties of marijuana seeds for your cannabis crop .

If you want to buy quality cannabis seeds, enter our online store! Among our proposals you will find the best breeders on the market:

Archive Seed Bank

Bloom Seed Co

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