Growing cannabis in spring. What should you know?

15 Feb

Spring is comming and many take advantage of these dates to start their cannabis cultivation outdoors, since With the arrival of good weather, the weather conditions become more favourable, especially the months between the end of March and May. This will also depend on the weeks that are prescribed for each type of seed, for example, sativas are usually cultivated for up to 14 weeks, while indicas are approximately 8 weeks.

If you have in mind to start your cannabis grow as soon as possible, you can start preparing everything, especially , to be clear about everything you need to know, to optimize your marijuana plants outdoors.

Aspects to consider before starting your cannabis cultivation

To carry out your marijuana cultivation, there are 3 basic aspects that you have to take into account.

Buy marijuana seeds

This is the first and most important step. Buying marijuana seeds will be decisive for your crop since each type of seed will need certain hours of light, growth time, climatic conditions,… To make the right purchase, it is best to consult your doubts in your specialized cannabis seed store.

Buy cannabis seeds online

A comfortable and safe option to make your purchase of marijuana seeds, is to do it in a online cannabis seed shop. In this way, you will have a large catalog of seeds at your fingertips, without having to leave home and visit different stores to find exactly what you need.

Además de poder realizar la compra internacional, lo que supondrá tener a tu disposición a las mejores semillas de marihuana del mercado, del mundo. Y, si lo que quieres es tener acceso a los mejores breeders del mercado, en nuestra tienda de banco de cannabis online, encontrarás las mejores semilla de marihuana genéticas del momento.

When to plant marijuana seeds

Hay que tener en cuenta que las plantas de marihuana necesitan unas 18 horas de luz para su crecimiento, por eso es importante comenzar con el cultivo de cannabis, de cara al buen tiempo, para que las plantas florezcan a partir del 24 de Junio, que es cuando los días ya empiezan a ser más cortos sólo se necesita de unas 12 horas para la floración.

If we are in a warmer zone, the end of March could be a good time. But, if the area is cold, it is not advisable to start the crop in March, since some frost may still fall. Therefore, it is better to wait for us at the end of April or beginning of May.

Select and prepare the ground and land for the cultivation of marijuana

Of course, this step is also very important, since the soil and outdoor conditions must be optimal for your crop. Remember that daylight hours will be a basic aspect for your crop and you must make sure that sunlight reaches the point where your plantation will be, so that your marijuana plants grow in optimal conditions.

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