Indoor vs Outdoor cannabis cultivation, which is the best?

30 Jan

The marijuana crop offers us different options for its development and, each of them, offers a series of with special characteristics to optimize the care of said crop.

Both cultivation options, raise different passions… Some people prefer indoor marijuana cultivation and, on the other hand, who prefers it outdoors since, really, it does not depend only on the seeds, type of fertilizers, pots, etc. that we use in cultivation, the environment of the plants will have a great influence on their growth and, obviously, on the cultivation process.

If you are thinking of starting your marijuana crop and you have doubts about where to do it, from our cannabis seeds online store, we are going to clear up your doubts and clarify the main differences between the cultivation of indoor cannabis vs outdoor cannabis cultivation.

Differences between indoor vs outdoor marijuana cultivation

Obviously, the main difference between indoor and outdoor cultivation is the environment where the planting, care and growth of the plants will take place. And, this main difference means facing different aspects when it comes to growing marijuana:

The place for the cultivation of marijuana and its conditions

Growing marijuana indoors is not the same as outdoors, the environmental conditions are completely different. Indoors you have more control over the environment and you can habituate the space according to the most appropriate needs to optimize the cultivation of cannabis, on the other hand, when we grow outdoors, we have to submit to environmental conditions and weather changes, therefore, generally, there are a few months and geographic locations that are more suitable for outdoor cultivation of marijuana, since it cannot be grown outdoors. exteriors in any condition, some minimum requirements are required.

Without forgetting the importance of adequate daylight hours and temperatures for cannabis cultivation, something about that we can have much more control when growing indoor marijuana.

Threat of pests and diseases

The threat of pests and diseases is one of the major concerns in any type of cultivation and, in cannabis, it was not going to be less… Although at first it may seem that in crops and indoors< /strong> there is zero risk of pests, you have to know that there is, since the most common ones are usually produced by mites, spiders, aphids,… Therefore, we will have to take care special to indoor cannabis cultivation.

On the other hand, and in terms of outdoor cultivation, there is also the risk of diseases, pests,… In addition to mosquitoes and mites, they can also certain animals such as rodents appear, with which we would have to be alert and set traps, in addition to the corresponding pesticides to avoid other pests.

Therefore, in this case, perhaps the indoor crop suffers from fewer threats than the outdoor one, although it is not exempt from it.

Needs of marijuana plants

The growth of marijuana plants has special requirements and, whether it is done indoors or outdoors, certain meticulous care must be taken into account, such as the amount of water, nutrients, hours of light, … Something that is easier to control indoors than outdoors.

For example, the cultivation of cannabis plants outdoors usually has a type of irrigation by drip or flood. On the other hand, indoors, it is much easier to control the amount of daily water that we have to give our plants.

Indoors, we have more control of the daylight hours, artificial in this case, on the contrary, outdoors, we must choose certain times of the year that are more suitable for having the hours of light necessary (no more, no less) for our plantation.

marihuana indoor

All of this has its good and not so good things, that is, if you enjoy an environment conducive to the optimal growth of your plants, growing marijuana outdoors will not require great knowledge and control of the environment. On the other hand, if the exterior and weather conditions are not adequate, indoor cultivation becomes a good ally, but you must have extensive knowledge, from conditioning the environment to its daily care and control of its growth, at all times.

On the other hand, the sun is a free natural resource, so you will have high savings, not only with light, but with everything you will need to preparing your space for indoor marijuana cultivation (click on this link for more information).

In addition, we have to take into account pests and weather conditions. Therefore, it cannot be generalized when it comes to saying which is the best option, everything will depend on each case: the conditions of outer space, daylight hours, budget, threats, knowledge. .. In these cases, it is best to consult with specialists who can guide your decision, based on your needs and resources.

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