Feminized seeds. What you need to know

19 May
  1. What are feminized marijuana seeds?
    1. How to feminize feminized marijuana seeds?
    2. How to grow feminized marijuana seeds?
    3. Types of feminized seeds
  2. Where to buy feminized seeds?
    1. Black Bull seeds: Online sale of feminized marijuana seeds

For the cultivation of marijuana and cannabis, it is important to have a thorough knowledge of the available products and the techniques most suitable, to achieve the best results, with the most optimized resources.

To do this, from Black Bull seeds, we are going to tell you everything you need to know in our blog, about the cultivation of marijuana, cannabis and the most outstanding products of our cannabis seed bank.

To begin, we are going to tell you about one of our star products: the feminized seeds marijuana.

What are feminized marijuana seeds?

Normalmente, con el cultivo de marihuana, una planta puede ser macho o hembra y, como seguramente ya sabrás, las plantas válidas para el cultivo de cannabis, son las hembras. Para ello, como su propio nombre indica, se estimulan, genéticamente, las semillas feminizadas, con el fin de conseguir plantas hembras, para conseguir un cultivo de marihuana óptimo.

How to feminize feminized marijuana seeds?

To obtain feminized seeds, we start from the two types of chromosomes, with their different compositions: chromosome X and chromosome Y.

If a plant contains both types of chromosomes (XY), the plant will become male. In contrast, if a plant contains two XX chromosomes, the plant will become female.

To ensure that a plant contains the two XX chromosomes, that is, female chromosomes, feminized seeds are genetically created to force them to contain the indicated chromosomes. To do this, it is manipulated so that the female plant produces male flowers, achieving a hermaphrodite plant, which only produces seeds that contain XX chromosomes.

One of the keys, to achieve this, is to reduce the levels of ethylene in the tissues, to inhibit its action, with the help of the pollen of a hermaphrodite plant, to pollinate a female plant that produces the feminized seeds.

semillas feminizadas cannabis

But, although it may seem like a simple procedure, this process is very complex and has to go through very exhaustive controls. In order for the seeds to be commercialized, they previously undergo years of tests and closed and strict breeding programs, to guarantee that the feminized seed production< /a> is stable and constant.

How to grow feminized marijuana seeds?

Once you have your feminized seeds, it is time to start your marijuana cultivation. To do this, you canplace your marijuana seeds, on damp paper, inside a container with a lid, tupper type, or in seed trays. This last option is the most recommended for beginners, since there is less risk when transplanting the seeds, running less risk of damaging their roots.

Later, when it’s time to transplant them into their first pots, so they can grow, it’s time todecide if you’re going to put them indoors or outdoors, and each of the options needs of different characteristics for its optimum cultivation, where you will have to take into account the different conditions of light, temperature and other factors.

cultivo semillas feminizadas marihuana

Types of feminized seeds

The feminized seeds can offer different results in terms of taste, potency, type of cultivation and, all of them , are divided into two types of family: indica feminized seeds, with a more sedative effect, and sativa feminized seeds, with a more active and stimulating effect.

In our shop for the sale of marijuana seeds and cannabis bank, you will find a wide catalog of feminized seeds , under the main brands of feminized cannabis seeds:

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semillas feminizadas cultivo marihuana

Where to buy feminized seeds?

If you are looking for an online store where you can buy feminized marijuana seeds, at Black Bull seeds, you will find everything what you need to make your cannabis cultivation a success.

Black Bull seeds: Online sale of feminized marijuana seeds

Enter our online cannabis seed bank and choose your favorite products. In our online store, you will find the best brands and different types of seeds:

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Do you have any questions? You can consult our frequently asked questions section or contact us, for more information. We offer shipments throughout Europe, discreet and fast, efficient and with the best quality of our breeders.

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