The best breeders for your marijuana crop

22 Jun

The cannabis crop breeders are clear that the raw material is very important, when it comes to cultivating marijuana, especially if you want a quality product.

For this,experts in the field, choose their seeds very well, in addition to other elements such as soil and fertilizers, but, we all know, success mainly depends on the quality of the seeds. seeds and, for this, it is important that we know the main brands.

In our store sale of marijuana seeds, we work with the best international brands, to offer our customers the best cannabis product and bank on the Internet.

If you are already an expert in the field, surely you will already be a connoisseur of all our Breeders, on the other hand, if you are starting with the cultivation of cannabis, do not worry! At Black Bull Seeds, we are going to introduce you to some of our best international marijuana Breeders. After this, your cannabis cultivation will have everything in its favor, to be a success. Ready?

The best marijuana seeds

At Black Bull Seeds we offer different alternatives for your marijuana cultivation. In our cannabis bank, you will find the best genetic seeds, feminized seeds, autoflowering seeds,…

But, let’s get down to business and take note of some of our Cannabis Breeders favorites:

Archive Seed Bank

From the best strains of indigenous cannabis plants and seeds with original verified genetics.

Discover them here: bank/

Bloom Seed Co

Its seeds are the result of the best hybrids in the world. Premium hybrids from the Strawberry Guava line such as Strawberry Candy or Strawberru Bubbles, a cross between Symbiotic Genetics’ famous mimosa and the male Strawberry Guava.

Find out here: co/

Cannacardo Genetics Seeds

The creation of these seeds are the result of a constant evolution of ideas, creations, flavors and effects.

Using elite cannabis strains, they are extracted from the best marijuana seeds in the world.

Find out more here:< /strong>

Compound Genetics Seeds

All its genetics undergo an exquisite selection and exhaustive tests, which makes it easy to guarantee very high quality seeds. In addition, it offers great exclusive collaborations with the world’s leading cannabis companies.

Find out here:

Dank Genetics Seeds

They offer a great selection of some of the most potent strains on the market, maintaining very high standards and strict quality tests. All its varieties are of high yield, potency, flavor and aroma.

Find out here:

Dying Breed Seeds

They have an exquisite variety where they offer a mixture of flavors and high-quality results, winning different contests and cups throughout the United States.

Find out here: seeds/

Elev8 Seeds

Great multitude of seed options, of exceptional quality, offering a product with one of the best world-class genetics.

Find out here:

Ethos Genetics Seeds

Ethos makes great use of science and data to apply it to best practices, creating the most effective and delicious combinations on the market. Maximum quality and great prestige among cannabis Breeders.

Find out here:

Exotics Genetix Seeds

Exotics Genetix has won awards for its wonderful cannabis seeds since 2012, every year in the US!

Over the years, he has developed a line of very powerful genetics and has released strains that are unique in flavor and potency.

Discover their full range here: genetix/

GG Strains

Excellent breeders with extensive experience in all aspects of medical cannabis cultivation and marijuana cultivation in general.

Find out here:

Jungle Boys Seeds

Jungle Boys are a collective of growers with a common goal: you grow clean and potent cannabis. They are always looking for different ways to refine their processes and take their products to new heights.

Find out here:

Lit Farms Seeds

Their efforts are focused on creating varieties with very intense and delicious terpene profiles, with extreme yields and delicious flavors.

Find out here: seeds/

Massive Creations Seeds

Their main breeder is a highly experienced icon, known for his creations of high-quality, highly potent cannabis strains, receiving awards around the world.

Don’t miss out on their great products here!:

Oni Seed CO

Oni Seed works to bring us the best strains, where they offer us great award-winning seeds, which is why they have become one of the best breeders in the industry.

Find out here: co/

Purple City Genetics Seeds

Their genetics program is shaped by a deep connection to the plant and a knowledge base of California’s best growers and producers.

Find out here: genetics/

Seed Junky Genetics

With more than 15 years of experience in cannabis breeding, it stands out for its mixtures of THC with high doses of terpenes. One of the leaders in cannabis cultivation, it is positioned as a breeder of incomparable genetic varieties, standing out in the category of smokeable flowers.

Find out here: https://blackbullseeds .com/prod-cat/seed-junky-genetics/

The Cali Connection Seeds

Find out here: connection

Umami Seed CO

The Japanese word Umami, means the fifth taste and, as such, its seeds are unique in taste. Each flavor of Umami is a unique experience for the palate.

Find out here: co/

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Buy quality cannabis seeds

Now that you know some of our best cannabis Breeders on the market, we invite you to discover our entire catalog and make the online purchase of your marijuana seeds for your cannabis cultivation.

Discover our online store with shipments throughout EuropeIt’s time to make your purchase and enjoy the fantastic world of marijuana cultivation!

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